Used Blue Yeti Microphone Review

You may have noticed a difference in the sound of the podcast lately! And that’s because for the past few weeks, I’ve been using a Blue Yeti microphone! Would you believe that before that, I was using and old Rock Band video game microphone? It worked, but I didn’t want to stay with that for long. Considering the mic has been out for a few years, was this upgrade to the Blue Yeti worth it buying used? Find out in our first product review here on Joey’s Totally Tech!This week’s Tech News Intel’s Lakefield CPUs Launched Android 11 Beta is Available The PS5 is Revealed Twitch Hits Streamers with DMCA Claims Broadcom Is Suggesting the New iPhone Launch Will Be Delayed Activists Are Rallying To Save The Internet Archive AS a Lawsuit Is Threatening The Site AI Is Going To Do Surgery! Facebook’s TransCoder AI Converts Code From One Programming Language Into Another MIT’s Brain Chip Could Make Your Mobile Devices Smarter Twitter Will Launch a Revamped Verification System With Publicly Documented Guidelines You Can Now Trade-In Certain Android Phones for iPhones (Check out models you can trade in at Apple Patents Software for Social Distancing Group Selfies Apple Is Planning To Announce ARM Transition For All Macs! Apple Removes Pocket Casts Podcast Player From the App Store in China Microsoft Bans Sale of Facial Recognition Technology to US Police OpenAI to Start Selling its Text-generation Tech, First to Reddit The NBA Could Use 2K Video Game Crowd Noise to Simulate Fans in Empty Orlando Arenas Zoom Closed the Account of a US Based Chinese Activist Group “To Comply With Local Law” A Manned Fighter to Face Autonomous Drone Next Year in a Sci-Fi Movie-like Showdown Lidar Has Helped Uncover an Ancient Mayan Structure (Photos and video can be seen at A Ground-penetrating Radar Has Revealed an Entire Anchient Roman City Pentagon Documents Reveal The US Has Been Planning For a Bitcoin Rebellion Just Eat Takeaway Is Buying Grubhub for $7.3 Billion The European Space Agency is Building a Reusable RocketGear Used on Joey’s Totally Tech Blue Yeti Blackout Edition Microphone – Snowball Microphone – Gear Blue Yeti Shock Mount – Gear Blue Snowball Shock Mount – Adjustable Boom Scissor Arm Mic Stand with Windscreen and Pop Filter – Triple Monitor Stand for monitors up to 27 inch, holding up to 17.6 lbs –— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.— Send in a voice message: this podcast: this podcast at —