Next Generation Nvidia Graphics Cards News and Rumors

Graphics cards are a huge part of your gaming PC. NVIDIA is gearing up to release their RTX 3000 series cards. So today, I’m going to talk about some of the news and rumors about this upcoming generation of graphics cards here on Joey’s Totally Tech!Pick up an Nvidia graphics card – ( )Or maybe AMD graphics cards are more your thing – ( )*This week’s tech news** Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Software Details Leaked* Chrome’s Update to Improve Your Laptop’s Battery Life* A Tech CEO Has Stepped Down After a Racist Rant at a Restaurant Was Caught on Video and Went Viral* The Apple iOS 14 Public Beta Has Begun* Uber to Purchase Postmates for $2.65 Billion* Uber Launches Grocery Delivery in Latin America and Canada, with the US to Follow* Uber is Offering Boat Riudes in London As a New Commuter Service* TikTok Traders Are Pumping The Joke Cryptocurrency Dogecoin* Walmart to Compete with Amazon Prime for Grocery Delivery and Other Perks* Hybrid Quantum Networking Has Been Demonstrated for the First Time* Palantir, a Secret Data Startup, has Confidentially Filed for an IPO* Google, Facebook, and Twitter Have Halted Government Data Requests After a New Hong Kong Security Law* Aplhabet’s Loon Balloons Provide Their First Commercial Internet Service in Kenya* Google is Working on a New Nest Smart Speaker* Duke University Develops Artificial Cartilage Gel Strong Enough to Work In Knees* Sony Has Launched a Wearable Air Conditioner/Heater* Sony Has Bought Stake in Epic Games* Hacjkers Are Finding Footage on Police Body Cams They’re Buying on Ebay* Physicists Discover the “Tetraquark” Particle* A giant Flywheel Project in Scotland Could Prevent UK Blackouts* NASA’s Curiosity Rover Starts Its Trip Across MarsSupport this podcast at —