JTT Tech News and Commentary – August 17, 2020

*This week’s tech news:** Apple App Store and Google Play Have Banned Fortnite* Apple One Launches in October* Android is Now the World’s Largest Earthquake Detection Network* Google Lens Announces ‘Homework’ Filter, and Solves Math Problems With a Photo* Amazon Considering Mall Space for Fulfilment Centers* Microsoft Reveals an Android Phone? Oh, it’s $1400* Is Your Phone Battery Dying? Maybe Your Phone Can Crawl to a Wireless Charging Pad!* California Court Rules Amazon Can Be Liable for Defective Goods Sold In Its Marketplace* Twitter Also Interested in Buying TikTok’s US Operations* Uber and Lyft Ordered by California Judge to Classify Drivers as Employees* Mozilla is Laying off 250 People, and Planning a ‘New Focus’ on Making Money* AirBNB Planning to File for IPO This Month* Details About the RTX 3090 Have Been Leaked* Xbox Series X Launches in November, but Without Halo Infinite* Get Gologram Calls, Because Zoom Calls Suck!* Xiaomi Unveils A See-Through TV* Hyperion’s Hydrogen-electric XP-1 Supercar Can Go 220 MPH* Zin Boats Wants to Become the Tesla Of The Sea* Roads Being Built Specifically for Autonomous Cars* Belarus Trying to Block Parts of The Internet During Historic Protests* New AI Can Fool Humans Into Believing Synthesised Sound Effects Are Real* Scientists May Be Able To Help You Learn Other Languages* Dwarf Planet Ceres Is An Ocean World With Sea Water Beneath its Surface* SpaceX Is Planning a Spaceport Resort in Texas According to a New Job AdSupport this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/joeys-totally-tech/exclusive-content