Tech News and Commentary – August 31, 2020

*Tech News For The Past Week:** CenturyLink Outage on Sunday Morning* TikTok CEO Resigns* Walmart Now Wants To Buy TikTok With Microsoft* Apple Has Rejected a Facebook App Update* Fortnite Split Into Two Games Because Of The Fight Between Epic and Apple* Amazon’s AR Shopping Tool Will Fill Your Space With Virtual Furniture* Amazon Halo, A Fitness Band and App Which Scans Your Body and Voice* Amazon Opens Its First Amazon Fresh Grocery Store In Los Angeles* The New Fitbit Sense Smartwatch Can Take Your Skin’s Temperature To Help You Manage Stress* You Know About Foldable Phones! Now Prepare Yourself For Twisty Screens on Phones* Google AR Lets You Place History or Prehistoric Science In Your Room* Spotify Developing a ‘Virtual Events’ Feature* Zoom Had An Outage Monday Morning, Bringing Remote Workplaces and Classrooms to a Halt* Remember Napster? They Have New Owners!* London Scientists Have Built ‘Ultra Broadband Nearly Three Million Times Faster’ Than UK’s Home Fiber Optic Internet Connections* China Is Building a GitHub Competitor Called Gitee* Uber to Deliver Prescriptions in Seattle and Dallas* Playstation 5 Will Have Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1* We have Confirmation About the RTX 3090 and RTX 3080 Specifications* Nintendo Planning Upgraded Switch COnsole and Games for 2021* Oculus Connect is Becoming Facebook Connect* Google Performed First Quantum Simulation of a Chemical Reaction* Fabien Cousteau Wants to Build the International Space Station of the Sea!* An Ailing Scientist is Trying to Save His Life By Becoming the World’ sFirst Full-Fledged Cyborg* Humans Have Been Placed in Biostasis For The FIrst Time* Researchers Create Neurons That Can Be Integrated Into Human Brain Tissue* Harvard and Sony Have Built a Tiny Surgery Robot Inspired by Origami* Elon Musk Demonstrated Neuralink’s Tech Live With Pigs With Surgically Implanted Brain-Monitoring Devices* NASA Is Investigating a Small Air Leak on the International Space StationSupport this podcast at —