JTT Tech News and Commentary – September 7, 2020

*Tech News From The Past Week:** *Gaming News** RTX 3000 Series Gaming GPUs Announced* New Mario Kart Live: Home CIrtuit – Using Augmented Reality to Race Inside Your Home* Apple Has Terminated Epic Games’ Developer Account* *General Tech News** Intel Launches 11th Generation Core Series “Tiger Lake” Architecture* Apple To Make Proprietary GPUs For Their Systems By The Second Half of 2021* Facebook is Paying Users to Log Off Ahead of the 2020 US Presidential Election* Amazon Prime Air Can Officially Begin Drone Delivery Trials Here In The US* Amazon Drivers Reportedly Competing Against Each Other to Snag New Orders by Hanging Smartphones in Trees Outside of Whole Foods* New Chinese Rules Might Complicate the Sale of TikTok’s US Business* Google Proposes a New Campus Described as a ‘Neighborhood’ With Homes and Shops* Google’s Personalized Audio news Feature Comes to Google Podcasts!* Netflix Launches a Free Service* Whole Foods is Trying Out a ‘Dark Store’ for Online Grocery Shopping* Let’s Have an Online Movie Party With Amazon Prime and Twitch!* Dating App, Bumble, Is Preparing For An IPO Above $6 Billion* ZTE Announces First Phone With a Behind-The-Screen Camera* Students Found Out Their Tests Were Graded by AI, and Cheated the System* SpaceX Confirms Starlink Internet Private Beta Underway With Low Latency and Speeds Over 100 Mbps* Swiss Region to Take Cryptocurrency for Tax Payments in 2021* Japan Has a Flying Car!* Japanese Convenience Store Chain Begins Testing Remote-Controlled Robot Staff in Tokyo* *Science News** NuScale’s Small Nuclear Reactor Is the First To Get US Safety Approval* Russia Has Declassified Video From 1961 Of The Largest Hydrogen Bomb Ever Detonated* Airline Pilots Landing at LAX Reported Seeing “A Guy In A Jetpack” Flying Alongside Them* T8iny Tweezers! Microscopic, even!* An Artificial Skin Which Feels Pain* Astronomers May Have Detected The Most Massive Merger of Two Black Holes Ever Discovered* Physicists Discover “anti-gravity” in Odd Buoyancy Experiment* Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/joeys-totally-tech/exclusive-content