JTT Tech News and Commentary – September 21, 2020

* *General Tech News** TikTok and WeChat Downloads Blocked After Sunday *[Update not in audio: Trump has approved the TikTok/Orachle deal and extended the deadline for one week. Judge Temporarily Blocks US WeChat Ban]** Facebook News* Stuff from Facebook Connect this past week* Facebook Launches Business Suite to Link Messaging Apps* Facebook Buys REI’s New Headquarters for $367 Million* Apple Announced A Number of Products and Services at a Product Event This Past Week* Amazon Fresh Grocery Store is Open in Los Angeles* Microsoft’s Underwater Data Center Has Re-Emerged After Two Years* Opendoor Goes Public in $4.8 Billion Merger* The Navy Looks Into Robo-Ships to Hunt and Kill Enemy Submarines* Lamborhnini and Xiaomi Unveil new Electric Go-Kart for Adults* Backup Driver of Autonomous Uber SUV is Charged With Negligent Homicide in Arizona* AI and Solar Energy Powered Mayflower to Sail for Ocean Exploration* *Gaming News** PS5 Pricing Announced* The Battle Between Epic Games and Apple Continues* EA is Killing Origin Brand with New EA Desktop App* US Government Looking Into Epic Games and Riot Games After the TikTok and WeChat Ban* New 3000 Series RTX Graphics Cards Are Hard To Find, and Someone Paid $70,000 For a 3080 on Ebay* *Science News** Select Chefs Can Now Pre-Order Lab-Grown Sushi-Grade Salmon* Researchers Are Readying The World’s First Vision-Restoration Device For Humans* Animals’ Magnetic Navigation ‘Sixth Sense’ Possibly Comes From Bacteria* Growing Gold Nanoparticles Inside Tumors Can Help Kill Cancer* Scientists Have Found A Way For Machines to See Through Clouds and Fog* China Building a Floating Spaceport for Rocket Launches* China to launch Space Mining Bot* Astronomers Detect a Giant Planet Orbiting a Dead Star* Hubble Gets Crisp New Image of Jupiter and Europa* Signs of Life Discovered on Venus in the AtmosphereSupport this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/joeys-totally-tech/exclusive-content