JTT Tech News and Commentary – October 16, 2020

* *General Tech News** Apple’s iPhone 12 Annoucnements* Zoom to Release a New Tool That Lets Paid Users Charge for Admission to Online Events Such As Conferences and Classes* Google Using Its AI Tech for Reporting With ‘Journalist Studio’ Tools* Bye bye, Netflix Free Trials* Disney Reorganizes to Focus on Streaming* Uh o! Tesla’s Autopilot Was Tricked!* China Hands Out $1.5 Million Of Its Digital Currency In One Of The Country’s Largest Public Tests* US Cyber Command and Microsoft Disrupted The Trickbot Botnet* US Army Trials Augmented Reality Goggles for Dogs* Pentagon Wants Elon Musk to Transport Cargo Around Earth in an Hour* *Gaming News** NVIDIA Stops Selling Foundrs Edition RTX 380 and RTX 3090 Cards On Its Website – The Card Is Now Available at Best Buy* Class Action Lawsuit Against Microsoft Over Controller Drift* *Science News** Human Microevolution Seeing More People Born Without Wisdom Teeth and An Extra Artery* Scientists Found A New Way to Control the Brain With Light Pulses – No Surgery Needed* First Room-Temperature Superconductor Reported* Wind Power Is In Deep Water, LiterallySupport this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/joeys-totally-tech/exclusive-content