JTT Tech News and Commentary – December 4, 2020 (Late)

* General Tech News* Record Online Sales for Black Friday* Black Friday Protests Staged by Amazon Workers in 15 Countries* Ajit Pai Will Depart from FCC on January 20* Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888: 3rd Gen 5G and Cortex-X1 on 5 Nanometers* Qualcomm Feels the Apple M1 is the Boost the Windows Ecosystem Needs* Apple Fined $12 Million for Misleading Claims of How Waterproof its iPhones Are* Amazon AWS EC2 Now Has an Mac Mini Instance In The Cloud* Google Maps to launch News Feed, Similar to Facebook’s News Feed* Google’s AI Piloting Loon’s Internet Balloons* Yeah, You Knew This Was Bound to Happen! DOJ Reportedly Preparing Anti-Trust Lawsuits Against Facebook and Google* HP Leaving Silicon Valley for Houston, Texas* Salesforce Buying Slack* Business Claims Amazon Seller is Selling Counterfeit Versions of Their Product* Spotify Testing Its Own Version of Stories* Manchester United Recently Hacked* Hacker is Selling Hundreds of C-Suite Email Credentials for Microsoft Accounts for As Little As $100* Microsoft Facing Criticism for “Productivity Score” Technology* DeepMind AI Making Huge Leaps in Solving Protein Structures* Tesla Owners to Be Able To Remotely View What Autopilot Cameras See* Tesla Model X Hacked with $195 Raspberry Pi Based Board* Libra Cryptocurrency Changes Name to Diem to Distance Itself from Facebook* Automated Drywall Robot Works Faster Than Humans in Construction* Gaming News* Retailers Saying RTX 3060 Ti Launch Stock is Like all the 3080, 3090, and 3070 Cards Combined* RTX 3060 Ti Reviews Are In* AR Mario Kart Anchors Universal’s Super Nintendo World in February* Space and Science News* Physicists Might Be Able to Create and Destroy Magnetic Fields from Afar* China’s First Nuclear Reactor Using Hualong One Tech Connected to Grid* Engineers Building Huge Salt Caves to Store Large Amounts of Hydrogen* Chinese Submarine Reaches the Deepest Place on Earth* Chinese Team Tests Jet Engine ‘Able to Reach Anywhere on Earth Within 2 Hours* Mysterious Monolith Disappears in Utah, and another one Appears in Romania (Is this science news?)* ‘Vortex Rings’ Inside Magnetic Material Seen for First Time* Drug Reverses Age-Related Cognitive Decline Within Days* The Arecibo Observatory Telescope in Puerto Rico Collapses* China’s Chang’e-5 Mission has touched down on the moonSupport this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/joeys-totally-tech/exclusive-content