Gifts for the Retro Gamers

We have yet even more gift ideas for you! Now, it’s for the retro gamers in your life! And I love me some retro gaming! We’ve got some great options that retro gamers are going to love here on Joey’s Totally Tech!

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Evercade VS

$99.99 – Blaze Evercade Vs Starter Pack +1 Vol White – Electronic Games : Video Games

$129.99 – Blaze Evercade Vs Premium Pack +2 Vol White – Electronic Games : Video Games

My Arcade Portable Gaming Console

$99.99 – My Arcade My Arcade Retro Champ – Portable Gaming Console – Compatible with Nintendo NES and Famicom Games – NES;, Black (DGUN-2976) : Video Games

$139.99 – Retro Champ Premium Bundle – Portable Gaming Console with 2 Controllers – Compatible with Nintendo NES and Famicom Games : Video Games

My Arcade Classic Wireless Game Controllers

$3.95 (currently a 58% price drop, could go back up) – My Arcade GamePad Classic – Wireless Game Controller – Compatible with Nintendo NES Classic Edition, Wii, Wii U – Adapter Included – 30 Feet Range – Home Button – Battery Powered – Ergonomic Design : Video Games

$16.00 – My Arcade Super Gamepad – Wireless Gaming Controller for Nintendo SNES Classic, NES Classic, Super Famicom, Wii, Wii U (Super NES Colors) : Video Games

Retro-Bit Official Sega Genesis Controller

$14.99 – Retro-Bit Official Sega Genesis Controller 6-Button Arcade Pad for Sega Genesis – Original Port – Black

NC Classic NES Controllers

$14.99 – NC Classic NES Controllers for NES 8 Bit Entertainment System Console Control Pad(2PCS)

Retro-BIT RES Power Stick

$29.95 – Retro-Bit RES Power Stick – Compatible with RES, Retro-Duo, RDP, SR3 – Not Machine Specific : Tools & Home Improvement

Classic Edge Joystic

$14.95 – Classic Edge Joystick Gaming Pad for Classic NES and Wii U Consoles : Video Games

Edge Super Joystic

$34.99 – Emio The Edge Super Joystick for SNES Classic & PC, Multicolor : Toys & Games

Retro-Bit Legacy Wireless Controllers

$30.01 – Retro-Bit Legacy 16 Wireless 2.4GHz Controller for SNES, Switch, PC, MacOS, RetroPie, Raspberry Pi and Other USB Devices – Classic Grey : Video Games

Retro-Bit Duo 2 in 1 Console

$59.99 Retro-Bit Retro Duo 2 in 1 Console System – for Original NES/SNES, & Super Nintendo Games – Black/Red : Video Games

Retro-Bit Super Retro Trio HD

$79.99 – Retro-Bit Super Retro Trio HD Plus 720P 3 in 1 Console System – HDMI Port – for Original NES/SNES, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis Games – Red/White : Video Games

Hyperkin SmartBoy

$34.99 – Hyperkin SmartBoy Mobile Device for Game Boy/ Game Boy Color (Android USB Type-C Version) : Video Games

Hyperkin RetroN Sq: HD

$89.99 – Hyperkin RetroN Sq: HD Gaming Console for Game Boy/Color/ Game Boy Advance (Hyper Beach) – Game Boy Advance : Video Games

Hyperkin Ranger Gamepad for Atari 2600/Retron 77

$21.10 – Hyperkin “Ranger” Premium Wired Gamepad for Atari 2600 / RetroN 77 : Everything Else

Hyperkin “Trooper” Premium Controller for Atari 2600/Retron77

$19.99 – Hyperkin “Trooper” Premium Controller for Atari 2600/ RetroN 77 (Color May Vary) : Video Games

Hyperkin Retron 77

$77.36 – Hyperkin RetroN 77: HD Gaming Console for 2600 : Everything Else

The C64

$129.99 – The C64 : Video Games

Game & Watch$64.99 – Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros (Nintendo) : Video Games

$71.99 – Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda : Video Games

NOTE: Maybe don’t buy these on Amazon since other retailers have this brand new at $49.99

$36.99 – Aenllosi Hard Carrying Case for Nintendo Game & Watch(for Super Mario Bros/for The Legend of Zelda) : Video Games

MiSTer – Official MiSTer Products and Addons – Ultimate Mister FPGA

Recommended – 129,90 euros ($145.92 USD at the time of research) – Ultimate MiSTer Kit – Ultimate Mister FPGA

It should be noted that FPGA is not emulation, but rather chips programmed to replicate the original hardware of a system.


$300 – 5X-Pro | RetroTINK

$129.99 – 2X-Pro | RetroTINK

$79.99 – 2X-MINI | RetroTINK

$94.99 –2X-SCART | RetroTINK

$69.99 – RGB2COMP | RetroTINK

$79.99 – COMP2RGB | RetroTINK

$129.99 – 2X-Multiformat | RetroTINK (Out of stock due to chip shortages, unfortunately)

Hard to find items

Anything from Analogue.

– The Analogue NT is a $500 NES clone created with original NES hardware, and boasts 100% compatibility. The Analogue NT Mini is a smaller, cheaper version which uses FPGA chips to replicate the NES hardware.

– Like the Analogue NT Mini, the Super NT also uses FPGA, but this time, to replicate the Super Nintendo.