About Joey’s Totally Tech

Joey’s Totally Tech is a weekly podcast with a tech topic, answers to your questions, and the week’s tech news every Monday! Other segments may appear in episodes from time to time as well. We also have Tuesday Tech Tidbits on Tuesdays!

About Joey Cagle

Joey Cagle is a freelance web designer/developer and tech enthusiast. His enthusiasm with tech started back in Kindergarten, enjoying games and educational software at his school on an IBM 5150. As a child, Joey had a speech impediment due to mild cerebral palsy, and he also has high functioning autism spectrum disorder, which probably gives him the trait to focus in on the subject matter more.

Joey is also an Eagle Scout and National Technical Honor Society member with an Associates Degree in Digital Media from the School of Communication Arts in Raleigh, NC. In his spare time, Joey likes tinkering with computers, learning new programming languages, and playing video games on different systems, including PC.